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21 Savage Best Rapper Out ?

21 Savage Best Rapper Out ?




21 Savage is an rapper out of ATL, Alot of people hate on 21 savage because they claim he isn't lyrical, or isn't real hip hop. However his music is not made up, he is rapping what he lives, if you can't relate then you can't relate. He is the latest street rapper to blow up. His music relives his past, authentic is the word that best describes 21 Savage. "In his world girls are slaughtered before going to church, aunties are dope fiends with locked jaws, rounds are shot into mother homes, the plug is robbed and best friends are killed before they can truly live a life." 


HERE IS an link of him being kicked out of school for bringing an gun.


21 Savage - Red Ops is his biggest song to date, an kicked back flow with lyrical content about his street life. Red Ops is a name he came up with, Red meaning bloods, ops meaning from "Black Ops" so in a sense he is an Red Ops. However with rappers like this if they don't live what they rap they lose cred, which is dangerous cause it can end rather quickly with him getting shot or shooting someone. 




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