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3 Reasons Rappers Fail

3 Reasons Rappers Fail




1. Your RAP Career Is Not An Sprint

A lot of rappers come by thinking if they record a few songs, go on facebook post in facebook groups, WAIT years and years, they will eventually become famous. Its much harder than that... Its very disrespectful for wannabe rappers to think this way, real rappers would laugh at you for even thinking such thing.

First you should create a sound, product, etc.. that your comfortable with. Then when you drop it you should have some advertisement behind it.. Don't think people just blow up for no reason... There is millions to billions of artist on the internet, everyday thousands of songs are released. You need professional marketing to separate 



Possibly one of the biggest reasons rappers don't succeed is simply because their songs don't sound good when you listen to them. This is because most artist don't invest in real professional mixing and mastering. If your microphone sounds like an hurricane hit it no one will listen. 

"BUT IM INDEPENDENT I DO EVERYTHING MY SELF" artist mistake independent with internet... Internet rappers do everything themselves, independent artist PAY for everything themselves.... If your doing your own graphic designing, mixing, producing, i can guarantee you will never make it... Get professionals to do the things you can't do with 100 percent dedication... 






In order to be successful you must know how the music industry is ran, you also need to know that it changes overnight.... An artist once hit me up saying "I have an marketing degree".... Then he said he graduated 12 years ago...... WELL sorry to say nothing you learned 12 years ago applies to today, most artist are confused they watch artist from the 90s and want to do what they did to succeed.... IF those artist did that in today's age they would get no where... You also need to know the difference between contracts and invoices.... When you sign with a label you need an proper contract, when you work with a promotion company you need an invoice... MAKE sure you don't sign contracts with people who are selling you something.... If you invest in marketing make sure you pay for invoice/receipt and don't sign an contract... 


















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  • Malko Ibrahim
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