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Dreams2Reality Digital Distribution

Dreams2Reality Digital Distribution

New distribution company created by "Malko Shamo Ibrahim AKA Malko Ibrahim is now available to independent and major artist, D2R platform is mostly for artist who have an product that meets industry standards. This distribution allows you to control 90 to 100 percent of your royalties, giving you the platform to add and remove songs at your will. The purpose of this platform is to give artist the control they deserve while making royalties of the music they have created. The difference between other competitors and D2R digital distribution is that D2R is also marketing artists songs to get them royalty checks, other sites/companies just place songs on stores while they take all the artist money and do nothing else. With D2R artist gets marketing plan while keeping 90 to 100 percent of royalties. More money and less work for the artist. Artist serious about this should go to the catalog section of "" under "Digital Distribution" rules and regulations are stated. You can also reach out to Malko Shamo Ibrahim links are below. 

















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