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How To Get Signed To An Record Label

How To Get Signed To An Record Label



Everyday thousands of artist aspire to be signed to majors, they started rapping, they feel confident and now they want to go to the pros. The problem these days is labels are not looking for talent but success. Obviously you have to have some talent that is an given. With the internet taking over, major labels now want to see some success or major buzz from artist before they sign them. The issue is an label wants you to be famous first then sign you, but that is an contradiction once your famous you don't really need an label? Most artist such as "Bobby Shmurda" is perfect example. His song "Hot *****" took over the internet then he signed with EPIC RECORDS. Why did the hottest artist sign to an label rather then go independent ? easy MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once you prove to an label you can move, and have an buzz/movement going they will bring that bag to you. THEY WILL GIVE YOU ANYTHING YOU ASK FOR. Mac Miller recently signed to an major for 10 million dollars upfront. If you really want to be signed by an major you will have to get an buzz online, possibly sell out shows, and albums. Most artist want to get signed to an label but only have 2 soundcloud followers. Make moves, invest in your self or no one else will.... If you can't get hot on the internet when your music is out there for free how would you sell out shows ? how would you sell an album ? this is what an label considers everyday of the year... 







































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