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Iowa Hawkeyes: Police Draw Guns on Team's Defensive Lineman While He Was Playing 'Pokémon Go'

Iowa Hawkeyes: Police Draw Guns on Team's Defensive Lineman While He Was Playing 'Pokémon Go'

"In a Facebook post, Faith Ekakitie said about five Iowa City police officers searched him with guns drawn because he fit the description of a bank robbery suspect. Police confirmed Ekakitie's report."



According to reports he fit an description of an robbery suspect. Do you guys think this was an racist approach by police officers ? An African American playing pokeman go minding his own business is surrounded by guns and officers. People are split on how they feel about this situation, however sometimes you can't blame the officer if an robbery is called in and someone fits the description of suspect. As long as no one was hurt it shouldn't be an major issue. 




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