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NEVER Pay To Perform, BOOK Your Own Shows!!!

NEVER Pay To Perform, BOOK Your Own Shows!!!

ONCE AGAIN. Never Pay To Perform...... That's a scam... Fake promoters use that tactic to steal from wannabe' artist... SHOWS DON"T get you a buzz no more.... Thats how it was in the 70s... ITs 2016... ANYONE who pays to perform is being got... Its all an illusion... Spend your money on Radios, blogs, etc... or save enough up and throw your own show... Some of you don't understand but you will when you grow up. I have been telling you guys this for ever these are the basics. AND you still don't listen. Have fun hussling those tickets.


Artist these days feel like they know it all..... However an artist that doesn't listen usually wastes about 10 years of running around and then its too late.. An artist is to build an following online first, now if you have extra money to invest, get a promoter who can get you a following online... Its crazy to see artist who have been rapping for 7 plus years only have 12 subscribers on youtube... Honestly any artist with decent promotion should be pulling thousands of followers, because thats not even enough to scratch the surface in the internet age.... The sad thing is most artist have no idea what they are doing, they think they know it all, most artist follow what other artist are doing and those artist they are following are also nobodies... 





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  • Malko Ibrahim
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