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1. Does she support your dreams and help you achieve them? 

2. She isn't only your friend but also has respect for your friends... Does she care if you have the guys over ? or does she expect you to give up everything/everyone.

3. Does she still sext you ? chances are your either not attractive no more... or if she is sending you sext's can she be sexting other folks ?.

4. Your are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend you are ONE!!!!!!!!!! do both of you make all your decision's together and is it authentic. 

5. Is there anything you can't tell her? secrets ruin relationships... 

6. Are you overprotective of her? do you have a natural care for her and also not to aggressive. 

7. Do you ever get sick of being around her? when you see something funny on facebook do you show her ? 

8. You both do your own thing but support each other. 

9. You can trust her when she needs her space, you are understandable of that fact that women need time to themselves.  

10. You don't mind being with her till you die, and your mind isn't always in the gutter... 

11. Do you both have healthy disagreements... No name calling and or burning each others belongings after arguments... 

12. You don't try to change her, chances are if you are trying to change her and not love her for who she is she will leave. 








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  • Malko Ibrahim
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