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Should I Move To LA Or NYC

Should I Move To LA Or NYC

One question i run across alot from artist, entertainers, models, etc... is "Should i move to LA, NYC, to follow my dreams. Even though this is your choice to make here is some advice. Living in LA or NYC costs alot of money, if your not making a great living where your from then i wouldn't suggest it, if you want to make it in the ENT game you have to make it online first. If your music, modeling career, etc.. is not taking off online then it most likely won't take off in LA, NYC... Usually these larger cities have 100s of thousands of people who are trying to do the same thing you are, the competition is scarce. However LA, NYC, does have more people, equals more connections it has its PROS and CONS. Eventually you can move out to LA, NYC, however at first i recommend you work on your craft, get your social media game up, save some money, then make the decision. 















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  • Malko Ibrahim
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