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Should I Quit Rapping ?

Should I Quit Rapping ?

As someone who has been working with artist for years, I get this question from artist here and there... "SHOULD I QUIT RAPPING" Here are some ways to know if you should quit rapping.(Its your choice at the end of the day)


1. Over 40 years old. 


Now, there is older rappers who have made it big at age 35 etc, however most of them have had some buzz as they were coming up, but if you are 40 years or older and have nothing to show for your music career other than 2 twitter followers then it might not be for you. 



2. Only Your Facebook Friends Know Your Music


One issue with upcoming artist is they have absolutely no online following and they spam their "new hot flame" Mixtape to all their friends on Facebook, you have to stop promoting to the same people on your friends list, its annoying, and does not expand your career. You must get an real promo team together if you don't plan on doing this then you can say you will have an 0.0000000001 percent chance of making it. 


3. Can't Take Criticism. 



"If you’re horrible at taking criticism and always have an excuse or reason as to why you suck, then just put the mic down now! A part of being a successful anything, means biting the bullet and taking some of the harshest criticism you’ll ever hear to help make you better. Be open to feedback and conductive criticism, it will build your character and stamina for harsh reality." 








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  • Malko Ibrahim
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