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Tips On How To Get Thousands Of Soundcloud Followers - Ibrahim Malko

Tips On How To Get Thousands Of Soundcloud Followers - Ibrahim Malko

Welcome to a quick read by d2r promotions!!!!

1. Don't Pay For Fans

ONLY invest in marketers who you know are legit and promote you to real fans... if you see something like "500 followers for 10 bucks" its a fake promoting company. For example no one marketer knows how many followers you would get with promotion because you can't control how much people follow you. If I promote someone depending on how much people like their music they get a different amount of fans... We have had people get millions and go viral with small amounts of investment compared to someone who paid a lot more and got a lot less because of his sound. 

When people see you have 100,000 plays and 1 like then they know its fake. 

AGAIN, Real music marketing!!!!


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Best way for soundcloud users to stack up a lump sum of plays is to get featured on a blog that has the same targeted audience as you. 


Please don't spam blogs. Blogs don't look at submissions from artist, you need to have a promoter or promoting company present you to them. DON"T hit them up saying "hottest dude since TUPAC fam" that won't work and you won't get a response.


High quality singles is the key here nuff said!


Think about what blogs want, don't always think of what you want. Bloggers want someone who matches their audience and also has some fans on their soundcloud. They won't want to just put anyone on their blogs because they would then lose their audience. 


3. FEATURES (read this) 

So I am sure most artist out there are also in your position. Not only should you do songs with your peers but you should repost their songs while they repost yours... REMEMBER the 9 hour rule. Repost someones song for 9 hours and un repost it then repost it and repeat that process... Have them do the same for you. This has your song in his fans feed every 9 hours. This is important because this creates traction when sound cloud recognizes your plays spiking they rank you higher on the charts. 


4. Pay influence's ... 

So I have a artist in CANADA who paid a big Instagram user to play his song on a video on IG and that video got 500k views!!! This created a huge buzz on his sound cloud because the IG user agreed to put the artist link in his bio there for about 50k of the people who watched that video also went to the artist soundcloud. 



A lot of fans search for new hot songs on soundcloud, create remixes to those songs you should already know this!!! 





 THANK YOU ALL check our services out!





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