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Meet Malko Realiity , INDIE ONLINE MUSIC MARKETER!!!! 0

Malko Realiity

Malko Realiity currently own an array of popular social media pages myself. Twitter account with over 100K followers and a Facebook Page with over 33K followers. Malko Realiity has been making noise on a quiet a few blogs around the world. Also owns radio/podcast "Dreams2reality Media" Already interviewing well known artists and entertainers. Malko Realiity works with new artist to help them gain the exposure they deserve. 


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Has helped 100s of artist with social media marketing services. Books shows on the weekly basis for artist known and upcoming. Gets placements on almost every magazine/blog known...  Best skill is being able to target cities, states, and even countries with marketing....


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Who Is Malko Realiity

Who Is Malko Realiity 0

Ibrahim Malko has been promoting and putting artist on shows for years now. He works with “Dreams2Reality” which is an entertainment team plugged in with all the hot blogs, radios, and managers.







Malko Realiity

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Rappers have un realistic expectations these days,,,, New rappers be like"I'ma go in the stu drop this heat and we on" SKIRTTTTTT.... NOPE thats not happening your career is a marathon not a sprint, dudes think people make it overnight believe me some of these guys you listen to you think they made it overnight but really it was a 8 to 15 year grind you just didn't see it. Even if someone makes it overnight they usually fall off over nig
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Artist Music Invest In Themselves: Malko Realiity

Artist Music Invest In Themselves: Malko Realiity 0

Invest. If you broke, I don't wanna hear it, thats not our issue... The labels and big time producers/artist see what they say when you tell them "im broke can you help me?" We fans of music, we have no love for the cat that is always complaining.... you have to stop rapping into your laptop drop some cash into a quality song, start your own store online, buy some fly gear.... Be creative... Look at some of these rappers came from NOTHING I mean nothing, i mean like living on the ground with 4 of their brothers same bed, but they're songs still sounded like they had the world in their hands...


How much rappers have you heard say "I do my own covers, my own mixing, my own recording, my own promoting, I am independent!!!!!!!!!!!!!" these are those artists that never make it. 

WRITTEN BY: Malko Realiity


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“Fuck the Illuminati is taking over, the music game is terrible, DJs are fucked up, and I fucking hate A&R's they always support fake lyrical artist and don't support real rap"

I know its hard reading this... However these are the words that come out of every starving artists mouth, most of them always blame everyone else but themselves. When it comes to business, starving artist don't know how to handle it thats why they all seem to blame everybody else for their failures. "OH DJS won't play my hit" "I'm to real and street for labels" "Labels only sign gay rappers" But wait if these rappers suck why are they making it big and why do their songs have millions of hits???? Its kinda like everyone listens to wack music and avoids the good music? I personally think music is subjective... If you think a certain song that has 20 million views sucks then I don't think your opinion holds wait its just the sad truth. I also think most of the guys out are trash but here are the biggest reasons these artist are on. 

50% Relationships
40% Business
10% Talent!
Learn and play by the rules, stop complaining, I just told you how it goes now thats a start...


These artist who are on, have relationships with producers, DJS, engineers, bloggers, etc... you know how they get these relationship, they use the internet and are about BUSINESS>>>>> There is simply too much artist out here to just put on anyone but, lets not forget you have to have some talent. Not a lot of talent but something has to be there.. Your music has to be of good quality which is most important. You can't record your song on your Samsung and hate on artist who have great engineering... Sometimes your music doesn't have to be real good, it just has to sound real good... A song that sounds good is bound to be more successful then a song that is actually good but doesn't sound good. For example if I listen to your song I shouldn't hear your mom in the background cooking a steak because you decided to record your song in the kitchen that morning... Artist fail because they don't know what their goal is.. they don't know who their competition is... You are trying to be famous and have millions of people listen to your music, your competitors aren't the neighbor who also raps your competition is people who are already on such as wiz, drake, mac miller, etc... If you can't compete with artist that are on already you will never make it. This means quality, professionalism, and professional marketing firm. 


THIS RANT has been brought to you by Malko Shamo Ibrahim From Dreams2Reality!!!

@daydreameramp for twitter and snap

@dreams2realityglobal on IG




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How To Get Soundcloud Exposure FREE By: Malko Realiity

How To Get Soundcloud Exposure FREE By: Malko Realiity 3



So you have a good amount of songs on your soundcloud and your struggling getting clicks? here are some easy FREE soundcloud promotion tips. 



1. Social Media Marketing

First things first lets start with basics, if you don't pay a professional promoter for social media this is what you should do. Make sure you have your best soundcloud song link in all your bios/descriptions on all your other profiles such as twitter, ig, etc... ALSO do not spam a lot its ok to share here and there but don't do it too much. I have seen artist who post 100 times a day the same link that is a good way to annoy your fans and lose support. Use the 1/10 rule. For every 10 posts on your social media only 1 of them should be self advertisement. 


2. Using Tags

On soundcloud you have the option to place tags on your song, make sure your rap name is on every song you release, also use relevant tags such as rap, hiphop, EDM, etc.... Also find out what is trending and remix songs with catchy/click bait titles.... Your goal is to make sure people click on your song, if people don't know you they won't just click on your song, it won't matter how good it is or even if you have Jesus him self on the hook.... 



I am sick and tired of seeing artist upload selfies for cover art on their "HIT SINGLE" make sure you use good pictures that catch peoples attention... 




4. Using Data 




You can use this data to figure out what city likes your music, where your hot, and where you can do a show.... 



You and many other artist want to get exposure, so work with other artist and repost each others songs everyday.... Repost your friends song for 3 hours and remove it... keep repeating that but don't do it too much because it can get annoying.... I noticed big time Indie labels do this with their artist they repost their song for a day remove it then next day they repost it again.... This makes sure the song is in their followers news feed daily.




twitter and snapchat @daydreameramp  IG @dreams2realityglobal 

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