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5. Soundcloud Viral Marketing

Product Description



  • Tens of thousands of Listeners
  • You will trend within your niche genre 
  • Fans will follow as they engage and enjoy your content (the better your track the more followers). 
  • Fans will like your songs/playlists. 
  • Fans will repost your content which will also help you gain exposure to their followers.
  • Expect negative and positive comments can't please everyone. 

Extra results

  • Ordering one product can only do so much the higher the quantity of the order the more promotion will be done.



  • Target audiences anywhere
  • All marketing is responsive
  • Potentially go viral on soundcloud as people enjoy your tracks. 



HOW WE MARKET: Once we receive payment and your link(s). We will review your song then start marketing it by targeting an audience, suggesting to people who may be interested in your content, getting you to trend within your niche genre on soundcloud. This is the same way famous artist/entertainers get marketed. This causes your song to appear in soundcloud users stream/feed. (PROOF of results below) 



DELIVERY: 1 to 15 days 






Soundcloud is the fastest raising social media platform for artist, please take advantage of it. If you noticed most independent artist thrive on soundcloud. What artist are doing these days is hiring PR staff to promote their songs to the point it trends on top 50 charts and that is what we do. It is a very successful tactic to gain thousands even in rare cases millions of new fans. 


PLEASE send us your links after order.